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"Good cooking, good eating, good loving!"

All about me

Hola food lovers!

A brief introduction to what I’m all about…

I’m Jess – a 34 year old housewife (currently) and Mum of two, whom loves to sample, talk and write about food. Starting my career off in advertising, I spent the following 8 years working in the stock imagery industry and licensing photographs of the glorious stuff (amongst other things!), but for now, I just cook, eat and scribble about it.

My deep appreciation for top nosh has grown to such a level that I feel a site of my own is warranted, I suppose ultimately in order for me to share my daily culinary experiences with people who appreciate a good feed worldwide. No particular niche, just food in general. So if you like nothing better than sitting down to a spectacular feast that arouses all of the senses and sets your taste buds off on yet another satisfying ‘foodie heaven’ journey, this blog certainly shouldn’t disappoint.

The original name I chose for my blog was ‘Happiness is Eggs Benedict’. It personifies two of my most treasured pleasures in regards to eating. The ability good food has to bring pure uninterrupted happiness into ones life…and my partiality to well cooked and executed eggs. I simply adore eggs.

I have since ‘re-branded’ to ‘House of Greedy’, just because it’s now extremely apt to describe both me and the house that I live in (must start that diet…)

Oh and I love a good breakfast. In my opinion, by far the best and most exciting meal of the day. The possibilities are endless and almost always incorporate eggs somewhere along the way. Which in my book, makes for a tremendous meal. If you want to please me, place me in front of a breakfast buffet and watch the excitement unfold on my face. I’ll always head for the smoked salmon and poached eggs first.

But it’s not all about eggs folks…my everyday delight reaches from Morocco to the Deep South of America. From Thailand to the rustic shores of Italy. To be fair, the food I eat takes me far and wide around the globe without even taking a step outside of Wokingham. I do occasionally venture further afield of course, but with two children in tow both the opportunity to do so and choice of destinations are somewhat limited. But when I do, you’ll always find me off the beaten track, ordering the finest fresh local dishes from the menu on recommendation from the real local people. Those who live and breathe their cuisine, in the knowledge that it brings happiness to all who are lucky enough to stumble upon these scrumptious little gems. I would go so far as to say, food actually now dictates where I choose to travel to.

Never the less, be it near or far, I’d like to take you with me through my wonderful world of fabulous food, with a few of my noted highly edible finds thrown in for good measure. Who knows, it may even inspire the odd home cook whilst giving you a few top tips on budget cookery that packs a punch. There is a wealth of flavour out there, and afterall, it would be rude not to share…


7 thoughts on “All about me

  1. Whoo hoo – congratulations! I always knew you loved photography but not the food as well. Apologies for not making the connection between your twitter handle and your married name. Doh! Stay in touch and I look forward to reading about all your foodie adventures!

    1. Thanks Rach, and many congratulations to you on the Guardian home cook of the year! Fantastic stuff. I was trying to get hold of you, so glad you got in touch. Just had a bit of a re-brand, may be on the look out for some tips too…

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