My good pal (the homeslice) and her family have recently moved over to Woodley, which is now a regular stop on my map. I do miss having them just around the corner but I make it my business to visit as often as possible. That said, I’ve never actually ventured into the town centre until last week. Although I have been curious for some time. The sun was shining on Tuesday and we decided to take a leisurely stroll to the Bosco Lounge for brunch – a firm favourite among the locals I’m told, serving good food and drinks all day long, from breakfast through to late night snacks with a glass of vino or two.  

I warmed to it upon reaching the doorway, it just somehow seemed to say ‘come on in’. I was taken aback by the size of the place, very spacious and airy. At 10.30am we had an array of tables to choose from and plenty of room to accommodate a pushchair. It’s definitely a family friendly affair. The vintage decor caught my eye instantly…clusters of lampshades circa 1920’s hanging from the ceiling (similar to the ones I grew up with in my living room at home) and ornate mirrors of varying shapes and sizes dotted around walls. It was certainly my vibe. My friend commented on a couple of the paintings displayed being the work of one of her most favourite ‘kitsch’ artists. 

The menu boasts a great selection of breakfast dishes and I had a job choosing between them in truth, when you’re greedy like me, this happens a lot. Things like triple-stacked buttermilk pancakes, courgette & sweetcorn fritters and chorizo hash were jumping out at me. Plus a plethora of egg based treats. However, after much deliberation I settled on the ‘Bubble and Squeak’ which not only caught my eye but came highly  recommended as well. It was described as served with streaky bacon, a poached egg and chive hollandaise…erm…yes please. I went up to choose a coffee and place my order, where I was greeted by very friendly staff who came across as both professional and helpful. There was a rather impressive display of homemade cakes on show up there that my friend selected from (I couldn’t persuade her to go savoury on this occasion, that didn’t stop me of course).

My breakfast arrived swiftly (although I could have sat there comfortably for hours cuddling my bud’s beautiful baby son and watching the world go by) and looking delectable. Presentation really is key and these guys have that one nailed. Taste-wise, equally as good and everything came to the table hot (I’m a stickler for complaining about tepid food). The hollandaise was perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of citrus, the bacon was crisp and smokey, the egg was oozy and the potato cake had texture and was well formed. You can’t really ask for more than that. I wasn’t disappointed and finished the lot with a smile on my face. I could easily eat this every day of the week, although next time I’ll probably go down the ‘avo toast’ route as is trendy at the minute. 

I noted that they have some nice burgers on offer (meal deal with a free glass of wine on a Monday) and some fine sounding tapas too. This interests me and we’re hoping to swing by for their ‘Tapas Tuesday’ night (three plates plus a glass of wine for £9.95) in the very near future.  I have a feeling it will turn out to be a very enjoyable evening…I may even treat myself to a Long Island Iced Tea (or three).

I learned that Bosco Lounge is part of chain and they can be found all over, so I’ll be on the look out for others. You should too.

Bosco Lounge, 55 Crockhamwell Road, Woodley, RG5 3JP.