I threw this together last night and surprisingly, it’s made it on to the blog. Mainly because it was so damn tasty and way surpassed any expectations of a quick Friday night supper. 

Without further ado, this is how you make it. I did actually marinate the meat in a couple of tablespoons of fish sauce and a tablespoon of sugar for a couple of hours in the fridge beforehand – although you could either reduce the marinade duration or omit completely if time doesn’t allow. 

To make this dish (serves two generously) you will need:

– One tablespoon of sunflower oil

– 350-400g of pork fillet (sliced/marinated as above if desired)

– Four thin slices of fresh ginger

– Four shallots (peeled/quartered)

– A packet of pak choi (ends trimmed/coarsley chopped) 

– Three tablespoons of green curry paste

– One tin of coconut milk

– Four dried egg noodle nests

– Fish sauce, the juice of a fresh lime and sugar to taste at the end


– Cook the noodles in a pan of boiling water for no longer than three minutes. Drain, rinse with cold water, drain again and put to one side with a little sesame oil drizzled over the top then mixed in (this should stop them clagging – just prod them every now and then).

– Heat the oil to a high temperature in a wok and then when smoking, add one tablespoon of the paste. Stir well and when aromatic, stir in one tablespoon of the coconut milk. Continue to stir for a minute and then add in the rest of the paste, the pork, ginger and shallots.

– Keep it all moving for three or four minutes then add in the rest of the coconut milk. 

– After another few minutes when the milk has come to the boil, introduce the pak choi to the wok. Leave to simmer, stirring continuously, for two minutes and then add the noodles. Make sure the noodles are fully heated through and coated well in the sauce. 

– Season to taste with fish sauce, a little sugar (if needed) and a squeeze or two of fresh lime juice.

It was refreshing to tuck into a green curry without rice for a change. The noodles really soak up the coconut milk and it makes for a very tasty meal. Pork fillet continues to be our meat of choice at present – soft and lean. It lends itself perfectly to Asian cusine. I’ll be adding this one to our quick mid week suppers list.