We used to be avid watchers of ‘Saturday Kitchen’ back in the days before weekends became so hectic and chaotic, filled with work, chores, swimming lessons and such like. We discovered this wonderful recipe when Atul Kochhar made an appearance on the show. I’m so very glad that we did. We’ve made it a handful of times since, and it never disappoints. It would be a great dish to whip out when you’re entertaining, or simply to enjoy on a Friday night (healthy appetite required).

The feast is made up of a well marinated whole roasted chicken, roasted baby carrots (also marinated) a vindaloo gravy and some sweet and zesty masala corn on the side. We also tend to serve ours with our go-to tarka dal recipe – taken from Rick Stein’s ‘India’ book. You’ll need to rustle up a vindaloo spice mix initially, which is then used as part of the meat and carrot marinade, then later on as part of the accompanying gravy. The different components of this meal make for a very interesting plate of food. The full ingredients list and cooking methods can be found online on the BBC Food website here.

The whole thing is made up of an array of tasty ingredients (many to my liking – including lime, coriander, turmeric and cinnamon to name a few), thus on this occasion I have decided to simply link back to the recipe. That said, the method is fairly straight forward and certainly well worth the effort required. You need to allow an hour for the marination and just under another hour to cook it all up (including meat resting time).

Everything here comes together harmoniously to create a hot, but sweet feast that is hugely satisfying. We like to serve it with the dal, adding a contrasting creaminess to both the citrus and sweet elements. Opt for parathas over rice. Sit back and enjoy.