I just took a wander over to my page and was highly disappointed to learn that I haven’t reported any food related activity since late October!! Completely unacceptable…and thus my New Year’s resolution is to ‘get back on the horse’, as they say. Watch this space folks. Christmas has certainly been a time of heavy indulgence, both eating and drinking, and so my last post for 2014 is accordingly a reflection of that…as it combines both!

I’m not a huge lover of the Christmas pud, unless it’s drenched in lashings and lashings of custard. We did, however, have an obligatory portion each late on Christmas night when the kids were all safely tucked up in bed, leaving around half of it to use up on another day. Can I just add that this pudding had been sitting on top of our kitchen cupboards for over a year, as we didn’t eat it last Christmas. It seriously benefitted from that 365 day maturing time.

So, what to do with the leftovers? Well, Nigella Lawson had the solution and a very tasty one at that. ‘Christmas Puddini Bonbons’ were discovered by Dan in her book ‘Nigella Christmas’. These truffle- like delights are essentially a mix of cold Christmas pudding, a spirit of your choice (rum is always good), syrup and melted dark chocolate. Once cooled, you top them with melted white chocolate and decorate to your liking. Let’s be honest, you can’t really go wrong with booze and chocolate…and I promise you, they are very easy to rustle up.

To make our version of the Puddinis you will need (makes approximately 30):
– 350g of leftover cold Christmas pudding (cooked and cooled)
– 125g of dark chocolate (finely chopped)
– A large dash of liquor (Nigella recommends Sherry but we used Morgan’s Spiced rum – whatever you have knocking around)
– Two 15ml spoonfuls of honey (Nigella recommends golden syrup)
– 100g of white chocolate (finely chopped)
– For decoration – glacé cherries/angelica/glitter/golden balls (to your liking)

– Firstly line a baking sheet with cling film or parchment paper and put to one side.
– Melt the dark chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water.
– Crumble the pudding into a separate bowl and add in the rum/sherry and honey/syrup. Mix well and then stir in the melted chocolate. Combine thoroughly.
– Next, start taking small amounts of the mixture (roughly into thirty parts) and rolling them into balls. Wearing cookery gloves may help this process.
– Place them onto the baking sheet, cover with cling film and place in the fridge to set.
– Melt the white chocolate in a heat-proof bowl over a pan of simmering water. Leave to cool for around five minutes.
– Take a teaspoon and drizzle a small amount of the chocolate on top of each bonbon, then decorate as desired. Nigella creates pretty little pieces of holly using glacier cherries and angelica – but we simply sprinkled with some edible glitter that we had to hand.

We served these to family after our festive buffet on Saturday. Needless to say, they were very popular and everyone went back for a second (strictly adults only of course – they certainly had a kick!). I will say, don’t scrimp on the chocolate, you’ll need the 85% and above good quality stuff. But it’s so worth it. Delicious, rich mouthfuls of chocolatey, pudding-y, booziness! I’ll be buying a pudding next year for sure, if only to make these again.