Back in December last year I visited the wonderful ‘Rossini’ in Wokingham. I reported my findings in great depth on the blog (here) and have since been itching to return and sample some more of their delicious, rustic Italian fare. In this second account, I won’t talk about the place itself or the great ambience again…just the food. And what a meal it was.

As we don’t venture out to eat as often as we’d like, both myself and the husband decided to order whatever our hearts desired from the menu. I started with a rather large platter of Italian hors d’oeuvres that consisted of a plethora of meaty delights including Milano salami, Parma ham, mortadella, bresaola, chicken liver pâté, mozzarella and olives. It was not only beautifully presented, but it all tasted divine.

20140620-180900.jpgDan had the fishy equivalent – ‘Insalata Di Mare’ which was made up of calamari, deep fried prawns, marinated swordfish, salmon, tuna, prawn cocktail and anchovies. It was all extremely fresh, and again, very meaty in texture. For both of us, it was a real treat to dive into such an array of fish and meat, something we wouldn’t do at home (apart from at Christmas of course).

20140620-180949.jpgOh, I failed to mention that this followed a complimentary bowl of olives and a generous helping of the best bruschetta that I’ve tasted thus far (still).

Already feeling very satisfied, for main course I ordered the ‘Polla Amalfitana’, which was a chicken breast on a bed of spinach, served with green pepper corns, Dolcelatte cheese, brandy and cream. We went for sautéed potatoes and a selection of vegetables on the side. The chicken was succulent and the sauce was rich and full of flavour. Plus there was an ample amount of it, something that always gets top marks from me.

20140620-182215.jpgDan chose ‘Vitella allo Toscana’, which was a T-bone of veal, cooked with sage and white wine. The first piece he cut off and bit into was like a veal pork scratching – which he said was heavenly (he’s a scratching fan!) and the rest was yet again succulent, tasty and plentiful.

20140620-182645.jpgAfter two glorious courses, we were comfortably full and feeling very happy. However, of course I made a little more room to squeeze in a pudding from their famous ‘dessert trolley’. On this occasion, I chose the profiteroles, with a homemade milk chocolate sauce. All I will say is this, there was sadly no opportunity to photograph the last course, it had disappeared within a matter of minutes of being presented to me!

It’s such a pleasure to revisit a restaurant and be greeted with consistently good, hearty, homely food…and to walk home feeling well fed and content. Rossini, you’ll be seeing us once again.