Sometimes, during the week, you just need a big tasty treat. This is one of those occasions, and food of this nature is always guaranteed to bring both comfort and enjoyment. These burgers also contain bacon, so in my mind, they are already up there with the best of them.

To make the burgers (serves two) you will need:
– Four chicken breast steaks (butterflied, seasoned, sprinkled with oregano and EV oil)
– Six rashers of streaky bacon (smoked)
– Two large ciabatta rolls (buttered)
– One beef tomato (thickly sliced)
– Two cloves of garlic (grated)
– One mozzarella ball (thickly sliced)
– Two heaped tablespoons of green pesto

– Firstly prep the steaks by flattening with a rolling pin. Season and then spread the grated garlic evenly across the steaks. Sprinkle with dried oregano and drizzle with EV olive oil. Leave to marinate for an hour or as long as possible.
– Griddle the chicken until browned on both sides (approx ten minutes.)
– Fry the bacon until crispy.
– Place the chicken breasts on a grill pan with the bacon on top, followed by the sliced mozzarella (shared evenly).
– Grill until the cheese has melted evenly and is oozing over the meat.
– Place in the ciabatta and spread the top bun with a tablespoon of pesto.
– Assemble the sliced tomato on top of the cheese.
– Serve immediately with a side portion of chips and the condiments of your choice.

This was a truly glorious feast. Every bite was juicy, tasty and delicious. A classic example of differing tastes and textures working in compete harmony with each other. I want another tomorrow. And the day after that…