Saturdays are increasingly now becoming ‘burger or kebab night’ in the house of greedy…last week was no exception. After all, it’s an evening for music, alcohol and indulgence (once the children are in bed of course). We have sampled and made many burgers in the past, however, we’ve found a wonderful new recipe that will tickle the taste buds of any meat and cheese lover (with a large appetite). We, of course, fit into both categories.

This one is the work of Mr Gordon Ramsay, and boy does it deliver…on both flavour and satisfaction. The recipe for ‘Blue Cheese Burgers’ can be found in the American section of his book ‘World Kitchen’ (which contains an abundance of extremely inviting food photography, might I add).

To make our version of these burgers (serves two) you will need:
– 500g of lean steak mince (15% fat)
– Half a red onion (peeled and finely chopped)
– 50g of blue cheese (crumbled – we used Stilton)
– A small bunch of chives (finely chopped – we used two spring onions instead as we had some to hand)
– A couple of dashes of Tobasco sauce
– One teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce
– One teaspoon of English mustard
– Salt and black pepper
– EV olive oil to drizzle

To serve:
– A couple of large burger buns (a pain rustica roll works well for a burger of this size)
– A sliced beef tomato
– A handful of green leaves of your choice
– A handful of pickled jalapeños (to your taste – our addition)
– Mayo and/or ketchup
– A handful of finely sliced pickled red onion (our addition from Jamie Oliver’s ‘Lamb Burger’ recipe – previously blogged)
*Gordon also suggests some sliced avocado – one for next time!

Method: Can be viewed via the Daily Mail website here.

As you can see from the accompanying photography, this was a seriously meaty patty. I could hardly get my mouth around it to take a bite! The cheese gives it a tangy, salty edge that any blue cheese lover is sure to enjoy. I don’t think Dan and I spoke for about ten minutes while we devoured the lot, and a generous portion of French fries on the side. Well, come on, a burger without fries!??

A meaty, cheesy indulgent feast. I’m looking forward to the next one (with added avocado perhaps). Nicely done Gordon…