I was adamant that this weekend my husband was to sample the delights of our local Spanish store/cafe Sanpa, following my last highly enjoyable culinary experience there with a friend. After all, I have spoken about it non-stop since! The first visit was more about sussing out the general vibe and what they had to offer (read all about it on the blog here). The second involved some serious eating and trying out a couple of new dishes.

We were all set to put together a Spanish feast in the evening so we just fancied a couple of plates to accompany our afternoon tipples. It’s worth mentioning that the house wine is very good and reasonably priced at two pounds fifty a glass. Dan had a San Miguel as the Estrella was sadly sold out, but he will be indulging in a litre of that next time (so I’m told).

We decided on the Serrano Ham, Manchego Cheese, Chorizo and tomato baguettes (these were so delicious and such good value last time, plus I knew that Dan would love them – three baguettes for just five pounds and the marriage of ingredients makes for an incredibly satisfying bite):

We then proceeded to choose one item each from the menu. I had my heart set on the cod croquettes as following my last review, the management recommended I give them a go, being a ‘house speciality’.

I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Lovely crumb coated cylinders of creamy, perfectly seasoned cod! The sauce oozed out of them and was really quite scrumptious. These are now one of my most favourite things to eat. I shall be ordering them next time, for sure. Dan selected a Spanish dish that he had been wanting to try for a while now – Sobrasada:

This is basically a spreadable Chorizo that originates from Mallorca. It’s very deep red in colour which comes from the high quantity of paprika used to make it. Consequently, it is fairly spicy in flavour. Sanpa served it on warm bread, topped with melted cheese. We happily (and rather swiftly) shared the lot. Another hit it would seem.

Whether you’re drinking their amazing coffee or very agreeable vino, if you’re looking for a tasty bite to eat in Wokingham, in a place with a very relaxed vibe, look no further. See you again very soon, Sanpa.