So, it would seem that I am a little worried about my level of rich food consumption over the past few weeks after all. Despite telling myself I wasn’t bothered, my body was secretly craving something that didn’t include copious amounts of cheese or starch.

We had a fabulous roast chicken dinner for Sunday lunch and were forward thinking enough to have spent an extra pound (yes, a whole English pound) on a big enough bird to have some leftover meat for a weekday supper. Thus, last night we dined on some highly tasty Chinese wraps. The idea came from none other than our main culinary inspiration, Jamie Oliver. These wraps feature, once again, in his latest book ‘Save with Jamie’. The ingredients list and preparation method can be found there (if you don’t own a copy yet, please hunt it down, I promise – you won’t regret the purchase).

To make the wraps (to serve four) you will need around 200g of leftover chicken, four tortillas, approx 80g of fine rice noodles, a gem lettuce, a quarter of a cucumber, four spring onions, a couple of red chillies, four heaped tablespoons of Hoi Sin sauce (we used Plum Dipping sauce purely as we had it knocking around in the cupboard – it’s been there a while!) and a lime.

To assemble:
– Firstly cover the noodles in a bowl with boiling water. Leave to soak for five minutes, drain and rinse with cold water before draining again.
– Meanwhile, coarsely grate or cut the carrot and cucumber into matchsticks and finely slice both the chilli and the spring onions.
– Pop the tortillas in the microwave for 30 seconds or alternatively heat in a dry pan to make them pliable.
– Lay the tortillas out on a flat surface and arrange the lettuce leaves along the middle of each one, then topping with the drained noodles.
– Layer the carrot and cucumber over the noodles, followed by the sliced/shredded chicken.
– Add the spring onions and chilli, drizzle over around a tablespoon of sauce along each one and finish off with a good squeeze of lime.
– Roll them up, cut in half and serve immediately.

As we were eating ours as a main meal, we added a serving of French fries on the side, although the healthier option would be to omit these completely (maybe we’ll try that next time when we are feeling less greedy!). If eating as a lunch dish, you certainly wouldn’t need them.

These wraps were a welcome change from our recent, indulgent diet and brought with them a very pleasing freshness, with a subtle kick of chilli which worked so well against the plum sauce (we all know how good sweet chilli tastes). It was actually a joy to bite into something light and brimming with goodness. I often get this from Chinese influenced food (perhaps it’s all the greenery they use) and I get the feeling we will be eating a lot more of it in 2014.

Now for the best part – as we already had the leftover chicken, the tortillas and chillies in the freezer, plus the noodles and sauce in our store cupboard (we also picked up the spring onions for nine pence in the supermarket’s reduced aisle), this meal cost us a grand total of a little over seventy pence to make! You really can’t grumble at that. Saving made easy with Jamie (once more) – and delicious.