Today I really fancied some heat, but with this cold still hanging around, anything I put together needed to require minimum effort, preparation and cooking time. I had some chicken to hand, so this morning I set about hunting down a recipe to fit this bill. We like to try and incorporate at least one Chinese dish into our menu every week as I’m a huge lover of ginger and greens (shame I can’t say the same about my kids) – both are very likely to feature in anything of oriental origin that I choose to prepare.

I must admit that my first port of call was Cook Eat Blog yet again. With such a vast collection of cuisines to scan through, the site is fast becoming my own personal cook’s bible. I always find something I’d like to re create. On this occasion it was ‘Sesame and Spring Onion Chicken’. The full list of ingredients and cooking method can be viewed here.

To make this dish you will need chicken pieces (as a slight variation we used 500g of breast meat), toasted sesame oil, fresh ginger, garlic, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, Chinese Shaoxing wine, white pepper, spring onions, red chillies (we used 1 teaspoon of crushed dried chillies as an alternative) and sesame seeds (dry roasted).

As we used breast in our version, I found that we didn’t need to cook the meat for quite so long with a cover, only a few minutes. Apart from that, and the addition of dried as a substitute for fresh chillies, I followed the recipe to the letter. The results were more than pleasing.

What did I like about the plate? Well, if I’m honest it was a grower. At first I said to my husband, ‘do you think it needs a little extra sweet?’ But as I ate more of it, I realised that it needed nothing more at all. The oyster sauce provided a small amount of sweetness against the saltiness of the soy, while I found the chillies worked in harmony with the sesame seed topping, which incidentally leave a ‘toasty’ after taste in your mouth that is really quite pleasant.

We served ours with some soft medium eggs noodles. This meal, although simple, really perked me up. Quick, easy and tasty (with a kick of spice and a hit of ginger – right up my street!)