I had an incredibly tasty supper on Monday and it certainly deserves a mention. I’m finding myself often steering towards these one pot meals now that we are knocking on winter’s door. This one has everything you could want out of a plate of food (fantastic for a Monday ‘pick me up’ – something I always need at the start of the week).

We have made Jambalaya in varying forms over the past few years, but this is a particularly ‘stand out’ version that we enjoy and always return to. It can be found in a very well used book in our house – Mark Bittman’s ‘How to Cook Everything’. It’s a very comprehensive guide to all things culinary and well worth investing in, if you don’t already hold a copy. For the full ingredients list and cooking method please refer to the book.

To make our adaption of this dish you will need skinless, boneless chicken thighs (we used a combination of both thigh and breast meat to give that extra variety on taste and texture), chorizo, olive oil, diced onion, red peppers, long grain rice, garlic, cayenne pepper, dried thyme, chicken stock, seasoning and a bunch of fresh parsley.

I can only describe the outcome as truly satisfying. Lovely chunks of succulent chicken, slightly chewy spicy chorizo, nestling in highly flavourful rice that has soaked up all of the meat juices and heat from the cayenne, with the odd burst of sweetness from the red pepper. I’m also quite partial to any dish that is finished off with a sprinkling of fresh herbs. You certainly need this to freshen it up, as it is rather taste intensive. I like to call it our ‘meat feast’ because I always finish feeling very well fed. But never bloated, just right.

I feel like Brown Jambalaya makes my metabolic rate race from the first mouthful and in a strange way, it also makes me feel very ‘alive’. It’s interesting to eat. I’m still constantly amazed at how certain foods have the ability to change your whole mood in an instant. This one, very much for the better.