So I’ve been lacking a little focus over the past few days, somehow caught up in every day mundane life issues and sorting out troubles. Food has taken a back seat, but not for long. To get myself back in the culinary zone, today I made myself consider some of my favourite dishes – and I’d like to share one of them with you.

My husband discovered this recipe in one of his Jamie Oliver books – ‘Jamie’s America’, so well referred to, it now sits proudly coverless in our ever expanding and bulging (quite literally) bookcase, with many a food stain throughout. Always a sign of a damn good cookery book of course. Originating from America, ‘Green Chilli’ is one that we have come back to time and time again.

Saying that, the last time that Dan made it for me, I will never forget. I was around 7 months pregnant with my son (just over two years ago) and very ill in bed with a virus at the time. I was feeling very low and still experiencing sickness even at that stage (anyone who’s felt pregnancy related sickness will be with me here) and he wanted to cheer me up. He decided to make me one of my all time top ten home cooked meals. When it arrived at my bedside in its full glory with a smiling husband – all I could do was fake my excitement, until he left the room and it was pushed aside untouched. I was so poorly I couldn’t even bring myself to look at its vibrancy, in a vain attempt to lift the spirits. He never made it again. Until, last week.

To make this pleasurable plate you will need (please refer to the book or Jamie’s website for the full ingredients list/cooking method): olive oil, pork mince, dried sage, seasoning, onions, garlic, green peppers, green chillies, tomatoes, a lettuce, a bunch of mint, spring onions, flour tortillas, a lime and some natural yoghurt (or sour cream – we prefer yoghurt, also the ‘healthier’ option).

Now, granted this list sounds a little long. It isn’t a budget meal to make by any means, as you can’t really substitute or omit many of the ingredients without losing out on the spectacular mix of flavours. Hence, we usually save it for a Saturday night as we tend to push the boat out at the weekend (plus it can be savoured in peace, post the kid’s bedtime!) It’s usually around the £10 plus mark for two people, but my goodness does it deliver, on every level.

I am a lover of pork mince, and if you happen upon some quality produce, the ‘porky’ flavour is enhanced by the zing from the chillies and the bite from the spring onions. I find it very satisfying, munching through some crisp lettuce and crunching into some spring onions, into some fragrant, clean mint, into a spicy meat mixture – cooled down by some nicely chilled, refreshing natural yoghurt and complimented by a slightly warmed tortilla. It almost makes me feel cleansed – I think it must be the mint’s herbal properties doing it’s ‘antiseptic and antibacterial’ thing.

Everything here works together a real treat. With my last mouthful I always feel happy, nicely full and somewhat revitalised. Please try it at least once and get a dose of the feel good factor.