This is only my second non-savoury food related post and to be honest it makes a refreshing change to talk about something sweet! I have never really had an eye for candy (although my kids most certainly have) but since stumbling across Wokingham based Bella Baking my tastes appear to be changing! Very swiftly! If you ever have the pleasure of eating any of their creations, you will understand why.

My daughter turned five last week – I still can’t quite believe where those years have gone! My first born is certainly becoming a grown up little girl. Baking is not my area of expertise but I was determined to provide her with a birthday cake (and celebration) to remember. I arranged a ‘princess’ themed tea party and she sat at the head of the table on her throne as ‘Sleeping Beauty’. It all went down very well by all accounts! What’s not to like when you’re five!?

The colour scheme of the affair was pinks and purples (her favourite shades), with lots of sparkle and general prettiness! I thought it would be fantastic to have a cake to reflect all of these things – and that’s exactly what I received from Bella Baking. The brief I gave Inga was rather vague apart from the above, and she designed and created this stunning piece that truly made Eleanor’s day:

20131118-143025.jpgAll of the intricate flowers were carefully made by hand. Inga usually decorates using Royal Icing, but dusted off her modelling skills to produce this very elegant effect using modelling paste (sugarpaste icing with a drying agent added to it). The best part for me, had to be the adorable little figurine that she made of Eleanor sitting on top of the cake – perfect down to the eye and hair colour! This has since been frozen to preserve it for years to come (I’m sentimental like that).

This cake not only looked the part as it glittered in the daylight, it tasted just as good as it appeared. Rich, moist chocolate fudge sponge with layers of white chocolate buttercream filling (oh yes – just let me dive in right now!) coated in lovely sweet icing.

I know where I’m going for all of my cakes from now on (until I master the art of fine baking of course – could be a while). I highly recommend Bella Baking for any occasion – no task is too great for Inga with her level of skill and precision.