I could hardly wait for Friday this week as I have had this recipe in my head for a while now. We have designated Friday as ‘curry night’ in our house, but if the truth be known, I wish I could eat it most evenings – it’s just got everything you could want out of a meal. And it makes me happy. Maybe one day I will. But for now, it gives me something to look forward to after a long week (along with a large glass of vino, or two).

Full credit goes to Lee via Cook. Eat. Blog. yet again for the the recommendation. After the ‘Northern Thai experience’ I wasn’t sure anything else could come close. But trust me, this one is up there and it will take something truly immense to beat it. The full recipe and cooking method can be found at http://www.cookeatblog.com/burmese-chicken-curry/. You need to allow around an hour to cook this dish after preparation. I’d wait all day to sample food of this level of tastiness.

As a first we decided to go for bone-in chicken thighs, plus we added a breast quarter portion we had to hand as well. This came to almost 800g of meat to serve two (generously):20131117-174051.jpg

The original recipe includes 1kg of chicken thighs, along with curry powder, salt, ground turmeric, peanut or vegetable oil, chilli powder, sweet paprika, two onions, four garlic cloves, grated ginger, two tomatoes, fish sauce and a stick of lemongrass.

The aroma as this was cooking away only made me want to dive into the pan:20131117-173927.jpg

When it arrived, I don’t think I spoke or moved for the next half an hour or so. I just exchanged a few ‘mmm’ sounds with my other half. It has a fragrant saltiness (coming from the fish sauce I would imagine) that just keeps you coming back for more. We served ours with some plain basmati rice and a couple of chapatis each.

A great dish for entertaining as I challenge anyone not to enjoy and want to recreate. I’m already thinking about my next one.