Doesn’t it look great? There is something very comforting about a big plate of tagliatelle, and this was our dinner last night. We always tend to like a bit of pasta during the week and this is excellent – a dish that we keep coming back to time and time again. It’s been on the menu since we first saw it aired on the Good Food Channel, and has become a firm crowd pleaser. Again, it involves bacon…what’s not to like?

This particular recipe is from Angela Hartnett and we viewed it on ‘My Kitchen’ when it was broadcast last year. It can also be found here: http://uktv.co.uk/food/recipe/aid/646703 Angela presented it as one of her favourite mid week dishes and I get the feeling she cooks it a fair bit too. It’s high in the taste stakes, quick and easy to make, and won’t cost you the earth.

We steered slightly away from the original recipe and opted for ready made pasta (purely for quickness and admittedly maybe due to a little laziness) and in addition to that you will need olive oil, a pack of smoked streaky bacon, a knob of butter, two garlic cloves, a pack of wild mushrooms (we just used forestiere on this occasion as we had some to hand), 100ml double cream, Parmesan and seasoning.

Angela also finishes off with a sprinkling of chopped flat leaf parsley and toasted pine nuts to serve but we omitted these. The cooking method can be followed online as above.

For our taste, we find the trick is to make sure you cook the bacon off for a good 10 minutes or until well coloured. When the cream is added it marries together to create a very flavoursome sauce. The crispiness of the meat against the softness of the mushrooms works very well. A rather generous grating of good Parmesan completes the plate perfectly.

Of the cream pasta sauces we have made, this certainly stands out and no doubt will be making an appearance again very soon. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.