This weekend we decided to give the obligatory roast a miss and go for something a little different – but still meaty and of course satisfyingly filling (Sundays are all about feeling pleasantly full in my opinion). This dish was just the ticket, the bonus being that it also incorporated two of my most favourite cookery components in the recipe – bacon and eggs! Anything that requires both is certain to hit the spot. And it did.

Meatloaf – inspired by Nigella Lawson. We found this particular one referred to as ‘Ed’s mother’s meatloaf’ in her magnificent ‘Kitchen’ book, which has been pulled in and out of our increasingly bulging at the seams bookcase, more times than I’ve had hot dinners. It’s a great all rounder and packed with family favourites.

The full recipe and cooking method can be found in the book, but you will need 500g beef mince, three eggs – two hard boiled and one for binding the meat, half a pack of smoked streaky bacon, two onions, a teaspoon of Worcester Sauce, 50g of fresh breadcrumbs and seasoning (this will serve four).

The loaf looks like this when it’s all assembled and ready to be popped into the fridge – we made it half an hour in advance of cooking (Nigella says it can be refrigerated for up to a day beforehand):

After baking for an hour you should end up with a thing of beauty like this, with a delicious bacon coating that just screams ‘eat me’:

20131111-131343.jpgI couldn’t wait to dive in but it does need to rest for around fifteen minutes before you descend upon it. We served ours with some olive oil mash, boiled carrots, greens and lots of homemade onion gravy. It really is great Sunday fare – comforting and gratifying. The sheer delight of slicing through a crispy shell into a well cooked, moist meatloaf to find a rather attractive egg nestled in the middle. Quite frankly, it made my day (and week).