Last Friday I found curry perfection. It simply must be shared, cooked and sampled to be believed. If you’re a fan of Thai cuisine, this food appreciators, will rock your world.

All credit goes to my husband as he not only cooked up this little treasure, he also stumbled across the food blogger who presented us with the recipe. Looking at the list of ingredients, I knew it would be a winner, but I had no idea it would jump to the top of my ‘all time favourite curries’ list after just one sitting! You ginger fans are in for a very good time.

This curry can be found at and I would recommend that you give it a go (in fact, the whole website has an abundance of inviting worldly recipes). It does require a little work to make your own paste (in truth we have resorted to buying jars of late, basically just to save time) but boy is it worth the elbow grease.

Here is our freshly pounded paste:

20131105-140042.jpgTo make it you will need shallot, garlic, red chillies, kaffir lime leaves, fresh galangal, lemongrass, turmeric and seasoning (it will need a good crushing but it’s also a great way to let off some steam after a stressful week I find).

We used chicken thighs…I personally think they give you the best flavour and a tenderness you can’t get from breast meat. You will also need oil, ginger (a generous 5cm piece), onions, garlic, fresh chillies, coconut milk, sugar, fish sauce, salt and a lime. Please refer to the website for the cooking method here.

For a paste with so few ingredients, that is relatively easy to produce, we weren’t expecting such a huge delivery on flavour. As Lee mentions, the curry is fairly yellow in appearance due to the amount of turmeric involved, and you get a big burst of ginger with every mouthful. Just how I like it. I actually wrote down the first three words that sprang to mind as I was eating it: fruity (I’m guessing from the Kaffir lime leaves) spicy, saucy. I do like a lot of sauce with my curry and the plain basmati rice that accompanied it, soaked it up nicely, so as not to waste a drop.

Ticks every ‘curry’ box. Do it, do it, do it.