Let me know if you’re with me on this one, but sometimes all you want to satisfy your hunger is a nice, juicy, tasty burger – particularly after the pub – and last Saturday night was no exception. The Samuel L Jackson quote from ‘Pulp Fiction’ always springs to mind when I think about burgers, and I’ve eaten some legendary creations in my time. The Americans make a damn fine one. However, I’m now convinced that the Brits can produce a show stopper too.

If I have that ‘burger urge’ but I’m also feeling slightly health conscious, I will often reach for a venison burger (no cheese, just rocket). Practically zero fat content, although you still feel like you’re being slightly naughty. My Saturday night burger kind of fell into the same category, although there is no mistaking that blue cheese is undoubtedly naughty…but nice.

I’m talking about Jamie’s rather fabulous Lamb and Stilton burger, referred to as ‘King Of All Burgers’ in his book ‘Save with Jamie’ or at jamieoliver.com. It can make for a big taste adventure while making a small dent in your wallet. The trick is to look out for reduced lamb mince in the supermarkets and store it in the freezer for a later date. I think we paid a little over £1.50 per pack (one and a half 500g packs required for 4 people).

If you buy the meat in advance you’ll only have to gather a red onion, red wine vinegar, Stilton, burger buns, an apple and some ketchup. You can also add some spinach and a handful of pickled jalapeños if you have them handy (and you like it hot!).

We elected to go with Danish Blue instead of Stilton to make a further saving…Jamie also recommends cheddar as a pleasing alternative.

As I smelt the meat gently charring on the griddle, I knew we were in for a treat, and something quite special it was. A lightly toasted bun, the crunch of some lightly pickled red onion, giving a sweetness along with the finely sliced apple, working in harmony with the tangy creaminess of a generous helping of melted Danish Blue…and into a hunk of juicy flavoursome lamb. All rounded off with a spreading of tomato ketchup (tell me, does anyone really eat and enjoy burgers – or chips for that matter – without ketchup!?)

You haven’t experienced complete burger bliss until you’ve made this bad boy. Jamie, you’ve only gone and done it again.