These days I’m quite partial to a juicy bird for Sunday lunch, certainly since my husband learned how to prepare and flavour them to perfection (the use of a lemon being mandatory). I now think it can certainly give the legendary ‘Roast Beef with all the trimmings’ a run for its money. My four year old daughter is also most disappointed if she doesn’t get ‘a bone’ on her plate on a Sunday – which to everyone else is known as a drumstick. Something to get her teeth into essentially. Oh and skin, lots of crispy, tasty, seasoned skin. I can’t really blame her in truth.

We tend to have chicken most weekends – being fairly cost effective, highly delicious when cooked well, plus you can make mid-week delights such as this with the leftover meat. Just pop it in the freezer for another time. To be fair, you do have to forgo that cheeky roast chicken sandwich you look forward to in your lunch box on a Monday…but in exchange you can make a super risotto at a later date for practically next to nothing!

Jamie Oliver is yet again the brains behind this little beauty. It can be found in his book ‘Save With Jamie’ or online at jamieoliver.com. This book is fast becoming the most used and referred to piece of kit in our household.

We have made some slight alterations to the recipe…but to make our version you will need left over roast chicken (approx 200g – but you can add as little or as much as you’re happy to save), 300g risotto rice, olive oil, butter, garlic (our addition), two onions, chicken stock (Jamie recommends you make your own by boiling the carcass – but we were short on time), 200g frozen peas and Cheddar cheese (preferably vintage or extra mature – Jamie uses Parmesan but we find it works out just as well…and less expensive). The finer details and cooking methodology can be found as above.

I wasn’t sure how this recipe would fare in the taste stakes given the limited ingredients (although the trademark of good Italian cookery is of course, simplicity), however, if you are a fan of poultry you will almost definitely enjoy what this risotto has to offer. Fabulous savoury, silky, cheesy mouthfuls with the occasional burst of sweetness as a pea explodes on your tongue, also working in harmony texturally with the starchy rice. Yes, I am happy once again.

Winner, winner…chicken dinner.