After virtually no consideration at all, this is probably in my top 5 best home cooked meals…EVER. It certainly deserves some coverage and is more than worthy of second post status – my other half’s legendary ‘Jamaican Feast’ as aptly named by yours truly. He has cooked this on three occasions so far, actually make that four…three times at home and once for a family BBQ. Needless to say it was the star of the show.

What is this tremendous concoction? Well it consists of the best damn homemade Jerk Chicken you ever tasted, Sweet Potato chips, deep fried Plantain and Jalapeño flatbreads. All made from scratch, and boy does it taste good. Inspired by the the likes of Steve Raichlen, Jamie and Levi Roots…you can’t possibly go wrong. You can also add a simple side salad or a bean and yoghurt dip (beans pulsed, seasoned and mixed with plain yoghurt) to wet the palate. We have tried both, I think I prefer the simple salad as this dish requires no little flavour burst extras. Oh no, it’s big on flavour, big on texture and big on satisfaction.

You’re going to need to marinate this bird at least overnight to achieve the maximum taste explosion, in a mixture of blended spring onions, brown onion, Garlic, Ginger, hot sauce, light Soy sauce, All Spice, dried Thyme, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, All Purpose Seasoning and White Distilled Vinegar.

The flatbreads require self raising flour, plain yoghurt, half a teaspoon of baking powder, a pinch of salt and a jar of jalapeños (check out for the full recipe). These lovelies benefit from a good charring on the griddle to give them that scrumptious barbecue flavour we find…

This little number wouldn’t be out of place served up in a little bar in the Caribbean (much the same as the one Tom Cruise tends in ‘Cocktail’ – 80’s films rock!), the sound of ‘Jammin’ playing on the juke box…Rum and Ginger in hand (or a Dark and Stormy of course, whatever the mood takes you.) In fact, in my opinion that’s how it should be eaten and enjoyed at all times, listening to Bob Marley and dreaming of far away lands (without a care in the world). Give it a go folks ‘to keep you satisfied’…