I feel the need to share the fabulous meal I tucked into last night…beats any ‘Saturday night take away’ hands down. In fact, with delicious treats like this at our fingertips I don’t think we will ever reach for the phone again. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place for a dirty Dominoes but this ladies and gents, is in a different league all of it’s own.

Delicious, nutritious…and you know EXACTLY what’s going in to the thing. Although you do need to set aside a good four hours for preparation, it’s so worth it. It could well be a firm family favourite too, but we selfishly kept this one just for us. It’s allowed every now and then, right?

So here it is, Kefta Tagine With Tomatoes and Eggs (have to add at this point that I am obviously very excited that my first post portrays yet another delectable way to enjoy eggs – that’s just a coincidence by the way). It was not only immensely tasty, but the best thing was, we had almost all the ingredients (bar the vine ripe tomatoes plus red and brown onions) to hand in both the store cupboard and the fridge. This made for a very inexpensive weekend delicacy. I’ll take you through a visual trip of its journey onto my plate, I think it’s worthy of that…

Here are the beautiful little hand rolled meaty balls ready to placed in the fridge for chilling…who knew Lamb mince simply mixed with fresh Coriander and seasoning could smell so fragrant?


Have you tried Moroccan tagine bread? It’s amazing when made correctly – all springy and nicely browned on top. The process is fairly complicated to make in terms of the many processes involved (ingredients needed are: wholemeal/plain flour, yeast, salt, sugar, milk and water – the details, along with the full recipe, can be found in a magnificent book about Moroccan cookery ‘The Food of Morocco’ by Paula Wolfert – a book shelf essential for any keen cook) BUT the end results are something quite spectacular. Here it is ready to go up into the airing cupboard for an hour and a half to prove…before brushing with oil and returning again for yet another hour…


You’re going to need some good quality ripe vine tommies to make this bad boy rich and sumptuous tomato sauce, but if you can find them, the sweet yet savoury aroma that fills the room while they simmer away with those herby lamby balls and selection of simple spices (Sweet Paprika, ground Ceylon Cinnamon, Cumin, ground Ginger and grated Nutmeg) is something quite special.

Four hours from start to plating – the finished ensemble. My Moroccan treat. What a sight to behold I thought to myself, knowing that if it tasted even half as good as it looked I was in for a double shot of happiness.


That doesn’t look like Couscous I hear you say? Well actually it isn’t. We went for a completely natural and more coarsely textured alternative of Bulgar Wheat, delicately flavoured with Rose Harissa that passed on its subtle floral undertones to the dish. The Bulgar Wheat perfectly complimented the tagine as it soaked up all of the beautiful fragrant juices from the lamb and the tomatoes, as did the bread. You couldn’t help but go back for seconds, and thirds. Another slice? Don’t mind if I do. I obviously saved the two perfectly poached eggs until last, they looked so pretty perched on top of the meatballs. Almost too good to eat…almost.